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Miscellaneous Administrative Charges Fees, Levies and Rents

Item No. Description Amount (Initial) Amount (Renewal)
1 Bonded Warehouse
(i) Category A GH cedi equivalent of US$2000 GH cedi equivalent of US$600
(ii) Category B GH cedi equivalent of US$1,000 GH cedi equivalent of US$300
Retained as in Act 614 of 2002.
2 Transit and Escort
(I) Transit and Administrative fee through Ghana GH cedi equivalent of US$200 per consignment
(ii) Escort fee (vehicles) GH ce& equivalent of US$65 per day per Escort, 2002 (Act 614)
(iii) Escort fee (Cargo) GH cedi equivalent of US$65 per day per Escort, 2002 (Act 614)
3 State Warehouse GH1.00/ton per week
Loose cargo = GH0.20/pkg
1 x 20' cont. = GH2.00
1 x 40' cont. = GH3.00
4 Government Warehouse GH0.50/ton per week
Loose cargo = GH0.20/ pkg
1 x 20' cont. = GH2.00
1 x 40' cont. = GH3.00
5 Overtime (a) Asst. Coil. - Prin. Coil.
GH1.93/ hour or part thereof
GH1.09/ hour or part thereof
GH0.83/ hour or part thereof
- l.5x on normal day
- 2x on weekends/holidays
6 Certification
(a) Fee GH2.00
(b) Lost document (penalty) GH10.00
(c) Lost vehicle document (penalty) GH5O.00
7 Licences
(i) Manufacturers (i) GH10.00
(ii)GH50.00 penalty for late renewal
(i) Methylated spirit for industrial or scientific purposes Free
(iii) Seamless steel tubing Free
(iv) Small craft Free
(v) Transfer of Licence on death of licensee or on assignment or transfer GH20.00 (Act 614)
(vi) Transfer to other premises GH20.00 (Act 614)
(vii) Laboratory analysis
(a) alcohol for blending GH30.00 per sample
(b) alcoholic beverages GH30.00 per sample
(c) other goods GH30.00 per sample
8 Interest Charge (I/Duty + VAT)/48
9 Penalty for late filling of PUBD GH10.00
10 Examination fee for used Motor Vehicles 1% of CIF
11 Processing fee
(I) zero rated
(ii) statutorily exempted

(iii) Exported—ex-warehousing
12 Inspection fee 1% of CIF
13 Administrative Charge (C59) Equivalent of 5,000 CFA
14 Road Fund Levy Car - GH10.00
Minibus - GH15.00
Non-articulated trucks - GH20.00
Articulated trucks - GH30.00
15 Network Charge (GCNet) 0.45% of FOB
16 NHIL 2.5% of CIF
17 ECOWAS Levy 0.5% of CIF
18 EDIF 0.5% of CIF
19 Cassette Levy (blank disc and tapes) 20% of CIF